Trims and components for stylish interior design concepts


  • a diverse selection of features and possible uses
  • ceiling moldings, baseboards, ceiling rosettes, lights etc.
  • choice of material: polystyrene, polyurethane, plaster
  • paintable water-based paints
  • delivery within Czech Republic
  • our products from stock are delivered within two working days


Wondering how improve and make special interior?

Finishing decorative elements offer multiple options impressive profiling walls and ceilings. They are the original decorative element for any type of interior, whether classic, modern or historical. Popular as ceiling coving that use decorators and interior designers to create impressive transition between wall and ceiling and accent space. Wall bars are ideal for optical separation surfaces, highlight color transitions, frames and wallpaper images. Often, their combination with decorative corners. Slides can also have a practical use for covering unsightly cabling, uneven finish wallpaper, cracks in the walls and the elegant cover curtain rails. Another popular feature of the ceiling rosettes edging foot chandelier, used as a wall decoration. Other elements are wall lamps, brackets, pilasters, columns, medallions and the like. By combining these elements to create a unique interior design.

There is a choice of three types of materials: polystyrene, polyurethane, plaster

Polystyrene moldings and trim

Polystyrene elements are lightweight and do not therefore need to be anchored. Applied to the wall of the room before redecoration, using an adhesive for polystyrene. After sticking to surfaces painted with waterborne paints.

Polyurethane moldings and decorative elements (PUR)

Better alternatives to polystyrene elements are polyurethane / duropolymere elements which are substantially harder and thus much more resistant to normal mechanical damage. They are ideal for use in shock prone position (frame doors, skirting, paneling etc.). What to perform are immersive and have sharper lines. They are also easy and installation is performed using a polyurethane adhesive without anchoring. Elements of the surfaces painted with waterborne paints.

Plaster moldings and decorative elements (stucco)

Stucco elements constitute the classic, time-tested method of interior decoration. Indisputable advantage is sculptability stucco elements during assembly and simpler way to repair in the event of damage. What is more challenging is mounting stucco elements, all the more impressive is the effect. Installation is carried out by means of an adhesive plaster. Larger plaster moldings and elements are fixed with screws and dowels.  The elements are paintable water-based paints.