Certified system solution of facade decorative elements


  • Classic decorative elements made in a modern way
  • Composition: polystyrene EPS 150 with protective rendered surface
  • Weather resistant
  • Surface ready for painting with facade elastic paint
  • Sections are lightweight, rigid and slightly flexible, length 2 m
  • The possibility use for new buildings, or reconstruction of the facade or isolation
  • Standard offer, but also custom production
  • Can copies original facade sections and elements
  • Faster delivery time and installation than conventional stucco decorations
  • Delivery within Czech Republic
  • Storage products receive within 2 working days


What are the facade moldings and decorations...

This is the classic decorative architectural elements aesthetically broken building wall and highlighted window and door openings. These include cornices, architraves, window sills, consoles, keystone, and other elements that are raised and contoured, thus supplying the facade plasticity and impressive appearance.

Originally sandstone and stucco moldings and ornaments are produced in a modern way, which involves the use of polystyrene EPS façade bearing surface of a special smoothing plaster, which provides protection from the weather. The advantage is lightness and moderate flexibility profiles, which allows easier handling during installation. This eliminates time-consuming, expensive and often imperfect surface treatment on site. After bonding the facade elements surfaces painted facade elastic paint in the selected color. Profiles are delivered in length two meters. To order profiles can be supplied with terminated hips (used with above-window ledges or profiles).

Insulates or renovating your house ...

When insulation or reconstruction of the facade is often not possible to maintain the original molded cornices and other decorative elements of the facade. We offer solutions. Create a copy of the original facade decoration. Elements and profiles are lightweight and therefore do not burden the insulation system.

Original stucco decorations, such as consoles and embossed motifs, which are extensively damaged and it is not possible the renovation of the facade can be removed, inserted into a mold and make copies of porous cement mixture.

Wondering how to revive your house ...

For new construction, it is possible to choose decorative elements and profiles from our standard offering. We also facade decoration according to customer requirements. The basis for pricing can be output in formats .dwg, .dxf, .cdr, as well as photographs, historical drawings, sketches, etc.

Terminology ...

  • roofing cornice (or Crown/main/water) - profile of forming the upper edge of the facade, on the bottom edge may be accompanied by a
  • cove - concave-roof cornice curved bottle shape
  • shams (frame section) - Profile for window frames and doors
  • sill (window sill) - double-ended profile that is located on the bottom edge of the window opening, can be supported by a bracket
  • parapet ledge (continuous window sill, parapet ledge) - window sill runs without interruption around the perimeter of the building below the bottom edge of the window openings
  • lintel cornice (portal) - double-ended profile which is placed over the window or door opening, can be supported by a bracket or supplemented keystone
  • lintel cornice (portal) - double-ended profile Which is Placed over the window or door opening, can be supported by a bracket or supplemented Keystone
  • Skirting ledge (underfoot) - line the plinth of the building
  • column - can be smooth or fluted and accompanied by the head and the socket
  • pilaster - a flat, recessed into the wall column can be smooth or kanelurovaný and accompanied by the head and the socket
  • console - element bearing ledges, most consoles placed at regular intervals under-roof cornice, also used under the lintel profile or the windowsill
  • keystone (top rock wedge) - decorative element placed above windows or doors, often embedded in the jambs or nadokenního profile
  • Fronton (above the shield)-decoration (triangular, arc, ...)
  • relief - raised plastic ornament
  • bossed stone (bossage) - rectangular or square imitation stone used on the corners of buildings, combined together in two dimensions
  • rustication - used flat bossed stones imitating stonework
  • eration (grooving) - profiles at the center of the decorative groove