Interior decoration JKR group

The revival of the Interior by using profiled trim and wall decorations.

Decorative ceiling and wall moldings different profiles for all kinds of interiors. Can be added decorative corners, rosettes and other decorations on the wall. Rails are ideal for optical isolation area for border wallpaper, paintings. They are the original decorative element for any type of interior, whether classic, modern or historical. Their function may not be only aesthetic, but also useful. For example, it can cover up the rough end wallpaper, curtain rails, unsightly cable runs or cracks and bumps on the walls. Slides can be smooth or patterned with plastic motifs. A choice of three types of material: polystyrene, polyurethane and gypsum.


Our offer

  • interior ceiling and wall moldings - styrofoam, plaster, polyurethane
  • baseboards
  • Wall decoration - lamps, rosettes, imitation fireplace, door trim etc.
  • possibility of delivery including installation
  • stucco decorations and make copies of the original stucco decorations
  • wallpaper
  • painting templates