Projekt: JKR GROUP S.R.O - VÝROBA A PRODEJ TRUHLÁŘSKÝCH MATERIÁLŮ je spolufinancován Evropskou unií.

Předmětem projektu je snížení energetické náročnosti objektu společnosti JKR group s. r. o., který bude využíván pro výrobu a prodej truhlářských materiálů. Realizací dojde ke změně vytápění, osvětlení, zateplení celého objektu (fasády, podlahy, střechy) a výměně stavebních výplní.



   Our services

  • production and sale of decorative elements for facades and interiors
  • advice on selecting and assembling elements
  • price offer
  • custom production
  • possibility of delivery including installation
  • the possibility of sending samples
  • We accept orders via e-shop, e-mail or telephone
  • personal collection of goods
  • delivery of goods transportation service throughout the country


Trims and components for stylish interior design concepts


  • a diverse selection of features and possible uses
  • ceiling moldings, baseboards, ceiling rosettes, lights etc.
  • choice of material: polystyrene, polyurethane, plaster
  • paintable water-based paints
  • delivery within Czech Republic
  • our products from stock are delivered within two working days


Certified system solution of facade decorative elements


  • Classic decorative elements made in a modern way
  • Composition: polystyrene EPS 150 with protective rendered surface
  • Weather resistant
  • Surface ready for painting with facade elastic paint
  • Sections are lightweight, rigid and slightly flexible, length 2 m
  • The possibility use for new buildings, or reconstruction of the facade or isolation
  • Standard offer, but also custom production
  • Can copies original facade sections and elements

Facade decoration JKR group

Your House can look better. We inspired by our range of facade profiles and decorative elements that give the facade a new dimension.

Certified production of facade profiles and decorative elements for modern and historical facades. Quality durable profiles and decorations with the final surface of special plaster facade, which provides protection from the weather. Select from the standard menu, but also the production of tailor-made or making copies of the original facade elements and decorations.


Interior decoration JKR group

The revival of the Interior by using profiled trim and wall decorations.

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