Decoration for facades and interiors



Facade decorative elements


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Facade decoration

JKR group

Your house may look better.
Inspired by our facade profiles
and decorative elements that
give the facade a new look

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JKR group

Inspiration for home
and flat

JKR group since 2005
Want to know more about us.

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Decorations for interiors

JKR group

Revive interiours with profile
moldings and wall decorations.
We offer three types of material:
polystyrene, polyurethane and stucco.

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Welcome to the website JKR GROUP

We offer decorations for facades and interiors. Continue the purchase of goods in our e-shop.


What we do


We offer facade elements for finishing facades. There is possibility deliver, including installation. We perform reconstruction of the original facades including previous building insulation.  We also produce elements and decorations according to individual customer requirements, 3D plastic signs and logos.


Our decorative elements are creating original and stylish interior design classical or modern. Possibility of delivery including installation.

E - shop

All goods you purchase through our online store

Why choose us?

  • A wide range of Interior and facade of decorative elements.
  • The possibility of delivery of goods, including installation.
  • Work with a company that has years of experience in the field.
  • We will make decorative element according to your requirements.
  • Better prices for wholesale customers.